How to attend our virtual meeting

Hello Ladies!

Yes… we are in the middle of a Pandemic… and as most of you probably know… now is the time our local community of non-profits need the GRATITUDE LADIES now more than ever.  We have decided for our June meeting we will hold a Zoom Meeting – we would invite you to share this email with anyone you know who wants to be part of our group.  We currently have about 40 members – so the local nonprofit we vote on will receive approximately $4000.  Here is the plan for our June 3 meeting:

June 3 from 7 – 8  p.m. we will have a Zoom call (I will email the invitation out to everyone on our email distribution list).  You will then be able to forward that email.

We will post on our Facebook page ahead of time about our meeting.  IF you want to pitch a local non-profit you will need to make sure they have a 501C3 status with the IRS.  (if you are unsure – please reply to this email so that we can confirm).  On June 3, at 7:15 p.m. we will draw four names to give a 4 minute presentation about the non-profit.  You must be present to “pitch” your non-profit.  If you are new to the Gratitude Ladies – you must subscribe before June 3.  On the night of June 3, after each of the four individuals have shared about their non-profit, a recap will be given, then each person who is present on the zoom call will vote via “CHAT” to Maureen Chandler ONLY.  Maureen will tally the votes and we will announce the recipient of our second quarter donation before 8 p.m.

Ought to be fun… so grab your favorite cocktail and sit on your patio and hear about how YOU can be a part of something GREAT!