About Gratitude Ladies

 Gratitude Ladies is a group of women dedicated to amplified contributions to four selected local non-profits each year. Our goal is to have 100 members! 

How It Works

$100 x 100 Women = $10,000 to a Non-Profit FOUR TIMES A YEAR


  1. MEET — We meet every 3 months for an hour to decide who will receive our quarterly donation.
  2. LISTEN — Every member brings the name of a non-profit they are passionate about to enter into a random drawing. At each gathering we will pick four non-profits and the nominator will give a brief (less than 5 minute) pitch followed by a brief Q&A.
  3. VOTE — Members vote on which non-profit to support.
  4. MAKE AN IMPACT — The non-profit that receives the most votes will be awarded the donation for the quarter. We anticipate $100/quarter from each member. Members are welcome to attend the donation presentation.

Founding Members

Mary Beth Eisenhard

Maureen Chandler

Pam Owens

Susan Surkamp

Brynne Trible

Carol Wallace

Gale Knoedler

Marcia Pangburn

Marianne Clyde

Rebecca Kardash

Tina Boyd

Lori Power

Valerie Gibson

Kelly Frazier